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Calm Family Adjusting space

About Us

How Vera Chiropractic Came to Be


"I set out to accomplish my dream of changing the trajectory of people's health through chiropractic care in 2017 when I started chiropractic school. In school I learned about the impact chiropractic could have not only on struggling adults, but also children- especially with sensory challenges. When the nervous system is stuck in fight or flight mode (sympathetic overdrive), the brain has difficulty processing information and communicating with the rest of the body properly. This can result in excess energy within a child's neuro-muscular system, focus challenges, texture aversions, frequent outbursts, and more. I knew this was bigger than what I had ever dreamed of, and I wanted to pursue it.


So I headed to intern at one of the largest pediatric chiropractic offices in the world in Illinois. During my internship, I witnessed non-verbal children say their first words, a little boy hug his mom for the first time because he no longer was hyper-sensitive to touch, a teenager with depression say he was feeling joy for the first time since he could remember...

This was the most impactful work I had ever witnessed. This office didn't just take care of families through adjustments, but created a community within their space where people supported each other, kids played together, and staff members knew when big events were coming up in their patient's lives.

Kid friendly space

I knew I wanted to create this space for my own community, so I took two years to learn how to run a business and be the best chiropractor I could working for other successful offices around the country. After falling in love with the community of Columbia, Missouri on a visit to family, we decided it was time to make the leap, apply all that I've learned, and serve this community through Vera Chiropractic."

-Dr. Kenzie

Meet Dr. Kenzie


My chiropractic journey started in the 4th grade after suffering from chronic migraines for most of my childhood. My parents had tried everything else at this point--I'd had a million different tests run, kept a journal of everything I ate and every activity I did, been on various medications, and still was having multiple migraines per week. I was missing school, unable to participate in activities with friends, and overall not living life like a 10 year old should be.

Then a friend introduced us to chiropractic. After a few months of consistent care, I was not only having NO migraines anymore, but I also hadn't been sick in those several months. I was the kid that could count on having strep throat at least 3-4 times per year and often was on antibiotics for one illness or another. But all of that changed that year. My immune health improved drastically, I had more energy and could count on my body to handle new things without spiraling into a severe migraine. Our family began to learn more and more about the role of the nervous system on overall health and how different life could look with chiropractic care. Over the years chiropractic continued to play a huge role in my life, helping me through many different health challenges and teaching me more about the body's natural ability to heal.

My Chiropractic Story
Dr. Kenzie, Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor
Finding Home in Columbia, Missouri

I moved to Columbia in September 2022, welcomed baby Cade in November 2022, and opened the doors of Vera Chiropractic officially on April 29, 2023. Our family was drawn to the area by the incredibly supportive community, trail systems for hiking, and abundant family activities around town. On our first official visit, we knew we would love raising our kids here and setting down roots in this community.

In our free time, we love exploring new hikes with Cade and our dog, trying out new restaurants, and going on road trips. We can't wait to check out more of what mid-Missouri has to offer!

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